<em>Nobody needs this, but you might want it.</em>

I was skeptical of the Agazzi urban backpack when my colleague and fellow bag nerd, Vlad Savov, linked me to its Kickstarter. Why in the hell would anyone need a bag with a fingerprint lock or internal and external lights, I thought, and why should they risk “buying” it via crowdfunding?

That was until Agazzi Designs sent me a demo bag to try for myself. I… like it; it looks great, and the lock and lights are practical additions. It’s the over-engineered bag for lovers of over-engineering.

The Pro unit I’ve been testing is a preproduction prototype. It’s about 95 percent of the way to the finished product that Agazzi says will ship to backers in October. It’ll cost £189 (about $246 or €219) for early backers. Lesser-specced versions…

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