With the Mi Mix 3 coming on October 25, the company started teasing the handset with a cryptic message. Two notebooks with 5G and 10G on their covers popped up on Weibo’s official account hinting at a set of exciting features aside from the slide-out camera mechanism and the full-screen display.

It’s fairly easy to guess what those refer to. 5G stands for the next-generation 5G cellular network while 10G could mean 10GB of RAM. The latter seems quite plausible but the 5G connectivity is a bit of a long stretch because we still don’t have chips with proper modems available on the market that can support the new standard. Not to mention the lack of network infrastructure, although we have to start somewhere so why not here.

Then again, that tweet from last month serves as another confirmation about the Mi Mix 3 having 5G support. We wonder how Xiaomi will pull it off. Probably Qualcomm is ready to release its X24 and X50 modems or 5G and 10G mean something entirely different.



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