If you like Google Chrome, there is a different flavor you can try. Its name is Chrome Canary, and it is a bleeding edge, experimental version of Chrome, with the latest features. Let’s see the differences between Chrome Canary and Chrome, along with the Dev and Beta channels, and find out which one will better suit our needs.
Since its introduction in September 2008, Google Chrome has gone through at least 68 major versions, as of this writing.
Every new version has some minor or major changes, and we will often find new features.
The question is, how can Google be sure that a new feature won’t completely break the latest version of Chrome?
The reason is that every new feature goes through multiple channels, and tested thoroughly before ending up in the final, “stable” version of Google Chrome.
Chromium Continuous BuildsThis is where it all starts. The latest Chromium build is where every new Chrome feature makes its début. These builds are “working” in a very loose definition of the word, full of untreated bugs and instabilities.
According to Google, one must be absolutely crazy to use one of these builds.
If, however, you ‘re feeling wacky, you can visit https://download-chromium.appspot.com/, where you can find a Chromium just a few hours old.


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